Fall Goals

Site Security and Privacy at Sweater Fish

Fall Goals

We’re chugging away, designing CAVAA with every detail in place before launching, and while that’s going on, we wanted to address some questions that may come up during this period from our current and future supporters.

Our CEO, Stacy Porter, is extremely conscious of privacy issues. The almost monthly horror stories of large corporations being hacked for data is very concerning.

That said, to make CAVAA work, we will face your concerns about how we obtain a person’s identity so that it matches the profile on our database.

Here are the methods we’re employing to keep your data safe and prove your identity.

  1. To create an account on our site, only your email will be needed. You can add 2-step verification by adding your phone number, but we only offer it as an option.
  2.  To attach your account to a profile online (or create a profile that doesn’t exist yet), you will have to submit any of the following (your choice) to prove you are the artist in that profile.
    1. A scan of your driver’s license with the number and address blacked out.
    2. A scan of 3 deal memos from projects you’ve worked on (1 of which must have a profile on the database already). Personal address information can be blocked out, other than your name and position.
    3. A scan of your Union card and a selfie, with personal information removed (ID number, address, etc).
    4. Suggestions for other methods? Please comment below.

We know how sensitive privacy is, and when your documents are received, they are stored off the publicly accessible area of our website, and they are deleted after we approve them, or 48 hours, which ever comes first.

But you may ask, what happens IF there is a breach?  Well, we’re not going to sit on it like other companies. We’ll notify you as soon as humanly possible. We could spend a lot of valuable time analyzing data to fix the problem or we could alert you immediately, AND THEN work on the problem.

Most of the data on our site will be public anyway, but we know your contact information is under the veil of privacy and we will fight to protect it every day by monitoring our logs, studying the traffic that comes to the site (looking for issues), and act accordingly.

We cannot tolerate the lack of transparency that many companies have, and our organization will not allow cloudy communication or activity to occur at the expense of our users.

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