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If you prefer to not fill out the form, you can text us the basics to (213) 262-8131. Send us: the problem you had, theater venue name, location, what film you saw, the show time,  and your email address. We’ll follow up via email.

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    At Sweater Fish, it’s very important to us that venues provide up-to-date, functioning AD/CC/OC equipment for anyone who relies on audio description, closed captions, or open caption software to enjoy media content and events.

    If you have experienced problems and you’d like us to reach out to the venue, please fill out this form and we’ll send them a reminder to keep their equipment in good working order as well as help resolve any issues you may have personally with the venue as the result of having a negative experience. Your personal information is private when we communicate with the venue.


    Please do not use this form if the film/content does NOT provide AD, CC, OC. Part of our on-going mission is to encourage and expect all forms of content to be accessible.

    This form is only for venues which do not support the film/content’s ability to BE accessible (bad equipment, lack of investment, etc).

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    You will receive an email response with your form submissions for your records.

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