About the Sweater Fish Society

First of all, what’s with the fish?

In an attempt to be memorable, we thought an image that combined humor and a lasting impression would make an impact. How do you forget about a fish wearing a sweater?

But on a more serious note, our fish wearing a blue sweater represents the extra effort artists with underrepresented backgrounds face to be found in a sea of monotony.  *.

We’re pointedly talking about the lack of equal representation and inclusion in film, television, commercials, theatre, and other visual and auditory arts.

Our team feels, that while strides are constantly being made in front/ back of the camera/stage, there’s a chasm of space left to educate, elevate, inspire and expect more of the entertainment industry.


We started out with an idea to re-work one of the only tools on the internet to gather statistical data about the entertainment industry and use that information to help artists manage their careers.

But as we faced the logistics of showing off the incredible work of artists you have probably never heard of, we realized, that none of that focused on part of the problem we see in the industry. Equal representation is lacking and we have the power to make sure that our programs represent a mission that includes making sure the paradigm shifts from a white centered system to an equality based one.

With your donations we maintain our programs, and give scholarships that push artists with underrepresented backgrounds or diverse/inclusive works out of the shadows and help them achieve their goals.

And that’s how Sweater Fish evolved…out of frustration for the current state of the industry.

We have more dreams to conquer, but right now, CAVAA is our baby and we’re feeding it all of our attention and love. If you have a suggestion or comment about how to improve our programs, or you want to see more of something, please contact us!

Thanks for reading.

-The Sweater Fish Society Team

Sweat Fish Foundation

The people behind The Sweater Fish Society

Stacy Porter – President/CEO of Sweater Fish

Stacy Porter

President / CEO

Stacy Porter is a screenwriter and art department junkie. After many years working in theatre and film, Stacy retired from the 16 hour-a-day grind to stare at a computer screen and make a better world for artists everywhere.

She’s eaten her fair share of Top Ramen to make her dreams come true and she’s always in search of good films to watch, regardless of their budget, marketing, or cast. (Photo credit: CorpFoto)

Devin Watson, Head of Development: Sweater Fish Foundation

Devin Watson


Growing up watching countless horror films due to many childhood maladies, Devin Watson harbored a love of writing with an active imagination. Even through high school and college, graduating with a degree in Computer Science, he pursued his study of screenwriting, culminating in the production of The Cursed in 2007. He is also the author of Horror Screenwriting: The Nature of Fear. He currently has no plans to grow up or let The Man grind him down.


The Board

Representing Sweater Fish

Our Board of Directors is evolving to represent a diverse cross section of entertainment industry professionals from different points of view and cultural representation.

Each one has been hand picked because of their passion for the arts, their belief in our mission and their business acumen.

Meet Our Current Board

Circle of Trust, Swedish Fish Foundation

The Inner Circle

aka Your Peers

The Inner circle is a diverse cross-section of 50 peers in the entertainment industry.

Sweater Fish works with The Inner Circle to bounce off ideas, incorporate change and help align our services with our Mission Statement.

Learn more about The Inner Circle by clicking here.

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.