Meet Our Officers and Board of Directors

Stacy Porter

President / CEO / Founder

As acting President, CEO, Stacy Porter looks forward to handing over the reigns to someone who has the same passion she has for promoting equal representation in the entertainment industry.

As one of the founders of Sweater Fish Society, she is spending her time as CEO/President guiding us through the maze of required paper work and helping the rest of the team pull together with their ideas to make us a force to be reckoned with when you hear our call.

Maya Jewell


Maya‘s life of volunteerism, firmly rooted in the arts; from being a volunteer usher at her local theatre as a teenager, to creating her own artist supported nonprofit project has made her a perfect guide for The Sweater Fish Society.

She has experience working in the independent film industry; managing the career of a gifted screenwriter for five years and is also a screenwriter in her own right.

Becky Brister


As an educator at Moorpark College, Becky Brister brings an attention to detail required for the treasurer position at Sweater Fish Society.

As a professional photographer, she brings her creative artistic passion to our company to promote our mission.

Stephen Best

Stephen Best


Stephen is a professional theater critic for the Time Square Chronicles. He is also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and his commitment to equal representation in the entertainment industry echoes the Sweater Fish Society mission.

Jennifer Mooney Bullock

Jennifer Mooney Bullock


Jennifer has an extensive theatrical background and currently performs the duties of hair and makeup artist for the “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” in New York City, she also serves as Live Theatrical Trustee for IATSE 798.

She represents herself as an advocate for CAVAA users and scholarship applicants that exist ‘behind the curtain’.

Image of Branli Caidryn

Branli Caidryn


Branli is a professional IT, Systems Engineer with a large telecom company and he is also a published author. His expertise at customer service will help Sweater Fish attend to its donors and those who use its services. His skill as a writer will help us choose scholarship recipients. Branli is also member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Image of Manika Kilpatrick

Manika Kilpatrick


Manika is currently a project manager for DaVita Kidney Care. As a former stage manager in theatre and an art department professional in film, she holds the powerful combination of being able to forecast business strategies for our organization from an orbit that can send us in positive directions while simultaneously working comfortably in the entertainment industry.

Image of Stephen Letnes

Stephen Letnes


Stephen Letnes is an award-winning and Academy award-qualifying film composer who has scored over 120 short films, documentaries and feature films, including films for Sony Pictures. Stephen is also the founder and CEO of Able Artist Foundation, a nonprofit that supports and empowers people with disabilities who are on government assistance across the globe. Stephen is legally blind and is an advocate for more employment of people with disabilities in the film industry.

Image of Kathy Layden Palmer

Kathy Layden Palmer


Kathy has over a decade of service as an executive producer for several television stations in the midwest. She currently performs marketing and media relations for a variety of corporate and non-profit clients (Palmer Media Relations Group). Her in depth knowledge from multiple backgrounds will help guide The Sweaterfish Society in ways we could only dream about when forming.

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.