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The Central Archive of Visual and Auditory Artists. CAVAA is a database of statistical entertainment industry information for third party verification purposes.


Okay, that’s a lot of tech words to ingest in one sentence.


CAVAA IS A CREDIT ARCHIVE:  SUPPORTED by artists, RUN by artists  FOR artists.


In many circumstances, companies are built and deconstructed during the short span of film/stage/television/radio production. They cease to exist permanently.

It’s nearly impossible to provide validated reference based resume data to prospective employers when this situation is the standard, UNTIL NOW.

CAVAA houses all of that data, verifies it (with your help), and provides a jumping off point for you, the artist, to present your body of work in a way that assures both parties that the work was completed by you and provided by them.

CAVAA is run by Artists?

Yes. From our founders to our board members and Inner Circle of trusted professionals, CAVAA is run by the very people who will be using the program.

CAVAA is for Artists?

Yes. ALL visual and auditory artists*.

*Professionals in: Commercials, Film. Music Videos, New Media, Television AND Theatre.

WAIT WAIT WAIT… won’t that get confusing?

No, not really. Each person’s account will have options to filter out projects and profiles that don’t match their preferred industry. But you’ll always be able to search for them if you need to.

More About CAVAA

CAVAA is a program of The Sweater Fish Society. By extension, it is run by a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

Your donations fund the maintenance of CAVAA and build scholarships and grants for artists/projects that align with our mission and purpose.

Inform me when CAVAA Launches!

CAVAA will be entering beta phase in 2022. If you would like an early invitation, or you’d like to be informed when we launch officially, leave us your contact info and we’ll send you an announcement*.

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