Our Programs

Here are the current programs we are enacting to promote equal representation in the entertainment industry:


The Sweater Fish Society creates scholarships for artists with underrepresented backgrounds and projects that promote equal representation in their medium in some way.


The Central Archive for Visual and Auditory Artists is a database for information on commercials, film, music videos, new media, television, theatre and more.


Using our CAVAA Research Access Accounts, companies and individuals can build reports and equal representation based narratives using data from the Central Archive for Visual and Auditory Artists.

Artist Promotion

We offer publication of press releases free of charge for artists breaking barriers, or for projects that echo our mission statement. Contact us if you wish to have a press release posted with our news.

Campaigning for Equal Representation

Whenever and wherever possible, The Sweater Fish Society reaches out the entertainment industry community to encourage and celebrate equal representation in the film industry.

We contact casting directors, writers, producers, and other positions where decisions to cast a project are still in play.

If you know of a project about to form that could use encouragement, please contact us, and we’ll contact them.

Local Initiatives

The Sweater Fish Society works with individuals (artists or not) on a local level to help them obtain change in their neighborhoods.

If you are having difficulty with your neighborhood in the subject matters of ADA city compliance, we would be happy to help contact your city leaders to help elevate your voice.  If we can’t help, we’ll also try to help find someone near you that can.

If you think we might be able to help, please contact us, and we’ll start a dialog.

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.