The Birth of Something GREAT

The Birth of Something GREAT

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to introduce you to our new corporate partner, The Able Artist Foundation.

They’ve been hustling this past year to launch a service for creatives with disabilities, to help them achieve their dreams in ways never thought possible.

Creatives with disabilities* can sign up with Able Artist to access Vendors from all over the spectrum  and receive a minimum of 50% off their products and services.  Within 48 hours of launching their web site,  three vendors had already signed up.

Stephen Letnes - CEO Able Artist

The inspiration for Able Artist comes from Stephen Letnes, a film composer from Minnesota. He was born legally blind, and day to day faces the financial struggles a person with disabilities comes up against. As a composer, the tools of his trade can be prohibitively expensive (software, instruments, etc.) and on occasion, unobtainable.

He knew there had to be a better way to help himself and his fellow creatives facing similar obstacles, and that was the inspiration for what is now an amazing resource for persons with disabilities.

The Sweater Fish Society stands behind Stephen and Able Artist 100%, not only as their web developers, but as a company that echoes and absorbs the Able Artist mission.

Also standing with Stephen is a diverse, extremely talented board, which is helping forge Able Artist’s future.

Well done, Stephen, well done.

Thank you, for helping us help you to bring Able Artist to fruition. – Your friends at Sweater Fish.

CEO and Founder, Stephen Letnes:
Social: Facebook, Twitter
Press Release: A New Nonprofit That Supports Creatives With Disabilities On Fixed Incomes

*Members of Able Artist must be receive Federal  SSI or SSDI support to be active members.

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