Making Ends Meet.

Making ends meet at Sweater Fish.

To keep our services up to date, relevant and useful to the entertainment industry, (and the public), we’ve set aside the following budget to maintain our programs and build our scholarships.

Every donation supports our initiatives and builds our scholarships for artists all over the world.

We maintain a tidy but formidable staff to keep costs down as well as maintaining virtual offices to make sure we squeeze the most out of every dollar.

  • Sweater Fish Society Maintenance

  • CAVAA program maintenance

  • Scholarship Funding

  • Marketing

  • Other

We break down our budget in the following manner as seen above in the pie chart:

  • 10% Sweater Fish Society Maintenance
  • 30% CAVAA program maintenance
  • 50% Scholarship Funding
  • 5% Marketing
  • 5% Other

Financial Information

IRS Filings 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Formation Documents

IRS 1023 Application (PDF)

Exterior Links

GuideStar Profile

Cortera Business Directory

Current Expenditures we are Fundraising for:

CAVAA Program

Dedicated Server $5300/year
Video HostingĀ  $1300/year (first year)
Disability Focus Group Review (Site UI) $3000/year (first year)
Customer ServiceĀ  $25,000/year (first year)
Site Maintenance $25,000/year (first year)
Marketing $5000

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