Film Recommendation

screenshot from the film: My Transgender Life

Film Recommendation

Every day we go out of our way to learn more about human beings.

As there are so many of us, from different backgrounds, it’s important to enrich our lives with stories from all over the world.

Today we’re recommending My Transgender Life, a short Canadian documentary that introduces us to a group  of transgender individuals living in Canada.

Every single person in this documentary has a different story that describes their arrival into becoming the person they have always wanted to be.  Their stories evoke sadness, beauty, victory, and love.

If you have a library card, (why don’t you have a library card?), Kanopy offers free access to this documentary via certain libraries. If your library does not have a link with Kanopy, ask them to get access, it’s an amazing resource for all types of films, documentaries and more!

Unfortunately we have been unable to track down a trailer for this piece, however if you are an educator, you can purchase a low cost streaming version from the distributors.


Kanopy Link:

Running Time: 47 mins
Year: 2016
Languages: English
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